Happy Happy Happy! This time of year feels so rejuvenating…

It’s been a very busy Winter, filled with lots of fun on the slopes, aprés ski, making new friends, an engagement and lots of yummy food! I thought we should take a moment to catch up :)

For starters, I hit a record number of the days on the slopes this year at 25 days!! Almost doubling my previous record! It was a great season up in Killington…made some new friends, hung out with some old friends and thank goodness, no major injuries to report…I did happen to take out a snow fence on my 3rd to last day which left me with a pretty sore neck for a week or so. Really wish someone caught it on video but alas, I am not a Kardashian and my entire life is not being filmed.

One of our favorite things to have up at the ski house are homemade paninis. They are so satisfying after a day on the slopes. I made 3 different types one weekend, cut them into tapas portions and served them on a platter along side some pipping hot French Onion Soup.




The 3 types were:
1. Green Apple, Brie and Fig Jam
2. Tomato Sauce, Mozzerella and Fresh Basil (with a little crushed red pepper of course)
3. Thin sliced Prosciutto di Parma, Apricot Jam and Fontina Cheese

We wrapped up the season the first weekend of April with the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge. It’s a weekend long party with a few mogul racing events somewhere in between ;) Friends of our were competing and boy were they impressive. To congratulate the guys on a job well done, I made some of my famous Guacamole and Tandoori Chicken Skewers.




Also, want to give a shout out to our new buddy Wayne from Lexington, KY! And his awesome bartender buddy Patrick who kept the drinks flowing all season long!


Rob, Wayne, Pri


Rob, Pri, Patrick, Nisha, Todd, Sonia

After all, no ski day is complete, without a Spicy Bloody Mary or two! Good thing it’s GREENS all the way home from the Lodge!


Here are a few more random photos from the season -





Asparagus & Gruyere Breakfast Tart



That’s Frank – What a badass!!

Back in New York City – we braved Polar Vortex after Polar Vortex, I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. For my friends in Florida, Cali, etc…no comment! One night Rob and I braved the storm to go see Bridges of Madison Country. We had dinner at John’s Pizzeria and my god was it worth it…the pizza and the play ;) For those of you who don’t know, John’s is an institution here in New York, with the original location on Bleeker Street and another in the Theater District. Definitely a place to check out when you visit New York!


In February, I hosted a Valentine’s Day event and I made these cute little Rice Krispies Treats (courtesy of Pinterest). In the process, I discovered this pretty awesome Baking Supply Shop right off of 22nd and 6th Ave called NY Cake. It’s a baker’s heaven. I don’t really ever bake, but I found myself compelled to do so after just a few minutes in that store!



Although, I’ve been very busy with my other business (you know, the one that pays the bills), I have still found some time to cook for friends and family. Recently, I did a taco night…here are some pics -



Peppers & Onions


Also, one of my absolute favorite new finds of the year is a company called Quinciple. Each week they curate a box of locally sourced ingredients and mail it to you for around $49 (makes about 2 meals for 2 people per week). While you all know I’m addicted to the Farmer’s Market (last week was our first Saturday back at the Union Square GM), Quinciple sends you totally random ingredients which gets us eating stuff we may not have originally thought to buy. The best part is that they send recipes, too! If you aren’t afraid to try new things, I would highly highly recommend subscribing to Quinciple for a weekly compliment to your grocery shopping. It has been an awesome experience! A few weeks back they sent us Pork Chops, Thyme, Lemons & Parsnips among other things. Here is a pic of the dinner I created by adding some Tri-color Quinoa from Trader Joes and making a quick roasted vegetable side dish in the oven on my pizza stone…


Another shoutout – In March, my sister Nisha got engaged to a lovely fellow named Todd Goldberg, who we absolutely adore! Very excited about the upcoming wedding and of course you can imagine how excited I am for the tastings – bring on the cake!!




A great new place we tried, well I guess it’s not so new but we adore it anyway, is called Westville. Went there with friends the other night and it was delish! Definitely check it out if you haven’t. They have a few locations around the city and it’s good for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They have a great Market Plate option, where you pick 4 vegetables that are grilled and seasoned to perfection, we tried it as an appetizer for the table, but it would work great as a veg meal for a very hungry person, too! Also, they have a yummy green lemonade that is going to be my drink of the summer (comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options)!


An impromptu date night took my husband and I back to Morimoto for cocktails and Sushi – that place is great and I’d eat just about anything on the menu….I know, I know…what am I saying? He’s one of the best chef’s in the world!


Jalapeño-infused cocktail


Back down on Wall Street, I cooked for some friends last week and of course being excited about Spring time, I made a very Spring-like meal. Lemon, Chicken, Pesto Pea Pasta and Dill butter for a gorgeous fresh baked baguette.



So much more to talk about but that’s all the time I have for today. Hope everyone is enjoying a happy and healthy 2014. I will be back soon! xoxo

p.s. Is anyone else obsessed with Kale Caesars?!? YUM! I’m on the hunt for the best one in the city. Comment below with any recommendations!


Shrimp & Sausage Paella

by Priya on January 22, 2014


FlavorFULL Paella in under 30 mins

This was such a fabulous dish that I threw together so last minute that I definitely surprised myself! Paella seems so fancy and intimidating but I can tell you that it’s not! It’s beautiful to present at a dinner party of even to surprise your spouse with a quick, easy and healthy dinner.

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Brussels Sprouts Hash

by Priya on January 18, 2014


It was a Saturday morning not unlike today and Rob was craving hash browns but I only had one small potato. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and my man needed hash browns! So armed with a bag of brussels
sprouts and a few slices of Canadian bacon from my much beloved Flying Pigs Farm, this dish was born.

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Steak & Kale Salad

by Priya on January 13, 2014

kale salad

With New Year’s Resolutions in full force, this is a delicious salad that you can feel good about eating. Not to mention, it’s so easy to make!

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Crab Cakes

by Priya on January 8, 2014


This is a simple recipe for a show stopping appetizer, and the Crab Cakes are amazing, too!! :) Let’s start with those. A few years back I had hosted a party of my husband’s family and I made homemade crab cakes that were a big hit. Back then I never had this lovely blog to save & share the recipe so it got lost along the way. A few weeks ago, I was hosting the crew again and thought it was the perfect opportunity to reinvent the recipe They actually came out even better than the first time and thankfully now I have the recipe to share. This makes 25+ crab cakes.

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DIY Fresh Mozzarella

by Priya on November 20, 2013


Photo courtesy of Yelp

I always love learning new things and this past weekend we celebrated my lovely grandmother-in-law’s birthday by taking a Mozzarella Making class at Brick NYC in Tribeca where we learned how to make our own Mozzarella balls.

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Creminis and Greens

November 13, 2013

It’s a quickie but goodie today. As we get into the holiday season, we are always looking for tasty, not to mention easy to make, side dishes to accompany the main attraction, whether that be Turkey, Ham, Filet or my personal favorite, Lamb Chops. This dish will take under 15 mins to make and it’s […]


Lamb Kebab Pita with Eggplant Spread

November 6, 2013

Once every week or so, we do “pita pocket” dinners, usually we (read: I) get a little lazy and pop open a bag of Trader Joe’s Falafels – a little hummus, a little tahini, some fresh lettuce and tomatoes…it makes for a quick and easy but satisfying dinner. This week I decided to take it […]